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Computer Science

Computer Science is an integral driver of the information revolution, spanning a broad range of disciplines from mathematics to software methodologies, to diverse technical applications such as graphics, electronics, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science is also considered by many academics and professionals to be one of the most motivating and lucrative disciplines available today. Computer science is a challenging career field, constantly growing within itself, as well as expanding into other disciplines. Increasing demand for new technology is creating opportunities for new and exciting careers in a variety of settings, including government, private enterprise non-profit, and education. Creating a comprehensive list of career options in computer science is nearly impossible as computer scientists are involved in just about every industry worldwide.

One area of Computer Science includes Engineering and Scientific Research and Development. Individuals pursuing opportunities in this area of computer science require a more technical, theoretical, and mathematical background. Career opportunities include:

   Realtime Systems Development
   Software Development
   Communications Systems
   Operating System Development
   Computer Design
   Database Design
   Hardware Development

Another area of Computer Science is Business Information Systems, which involves working for a company that is not is not technically what most people would consider in the "computer business". This area of computer science relates in-house development and management of software systems for business operations, marketing, accounting, forecasting, personnel, and payroll, and may include professions including:

   Systems Analyst
   Database Analyst
   Computer Management
   Computer Engineer
   Software Engineer
   Technical Support Specialist
   Support Engineer
   Technical Writer
   Systems Integrator
   Computer Programmer
   Computer Engineer
   Computer Graphics Engineer

Computer science graduates often received the highest average starting salary of any college graduates. Starting salaries can average as high as $50,000, with considerable variation due to factors such as skill, experience, and job location. Experience computer scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit have unlimited earning potential.

Computer Science degree programs include the following: