Official Microsoft Certified MeasureUp Practice Exams

Microsoft Certified Exam Provider includes Authorized Practice Exams from Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider - MeasureUp to fully prepare you for your certification exams. Because many companies offer training and practice tests, the Microsoft MCP program has designated MeasureUp as a certified test provider to help candidates select the highest quality products and services. Microsoft performs quality reviews on all Practice Test Provider, and only approved practice test vendors bear the Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider logo.

Measure up

As a Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider, MeasureUp has exclusive insight into the Microsoft certification exam. Therefore, our practice tests are the most realistic and accurate simulations of the live exam. All of the questions you will encounter on the live exam, such as Multiple Choice, Choose All That Apply, and Hot Spot are replicated in the MeasureUp practice tests. The practice test content maps very closely to the certification exam objectives and sub-objectives. The detailed answer explanations and references provided in our practice tests are a superb learning tool by their own right!

MeasureUp practice tests are packed with high-quality and realistic test questions! That's why over 900,000 professionals trust MeasureUp to help prepare them for certification!

Our students are passing their certification exams on their first attempt over 95% of the time. We are so sure that you will achieve the same results with our training, that we offer a 110% exam pass guarantee. We know what it takes to get certified, and have included it all in this program, allowing you to focus on learning what you need to know to pass the exams and excel in your workplace.