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Major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN are the main source of traffic for almost every web site on the Internet. Professional search engine submission of your website to the major search engines is a useful service that will let search engines know that your website exists. Our website submission service will submit your website to the 20+ top search engines for free!

Additionally,we will now submit your website to hundreds of NEW search engines and resubmit your site on quarterly basis to all new search engines that appear on our radar. New search search engines, Internet directories and web guides are always popping up. Resubmiting your site each quarter will ensure that your site is picked up by these engines--whereby maxmizing your site's exposure online.

(Note: We will not resubmit your site to Google or any other major algorithm driven search engine as ongoing resubmission to these engines is viewed as spamming.)

Once we have verified that you have completed all of the submission steps below will submit your site the major search engines as well as to any engines that require manual submission. Once each quarter our search bot will check to see that our link is still on your website. If it is then we'll automatically resubmit your website to any new search engines as explained above.

Top engines we submit to initially:

   AOL Search
   WebInfoSearch Fast Search
   Query Server
   Highway 61
Step 1
  Copy and paste the following link code into a main page on your website:
The link will look like this:

Provided by the computer training specialists.
Step 2
Once you have placed the link on your site fill out the form below and click the submit button.
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Your website will not be submited to the list of search engines above
until we have verified that our link has been placed on your site.
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If you'd like to learn more about the search engine optimization training courses provided by Compucert please enter your phone number below and we'll have a search engine optimization training consultant contact you once your site has been submitted.
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(Note: Your number will be kept private and will not be shared with any third party.)
By clicking on the submit button you are affirming that you are the owner or legal administrator for the website being submitted.