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Exam 70-567: UPGRADE: Transition your MCPD Web Developer Skills to MCPD ASP.NET Developer 3.5

Exam 70-567: UPGRADE: Transition your MCPD Web Developer Skills to MCPD ASP.NET Developer 3.5
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Schedule our instructor led classroom training at your convenience and never miss another lecture or fall behind. You are in complete control. We have invited the Best Microsoft Trainers in the industry to help us develop the ultimate training and certification program which includes everything you will need to fully prepare for the Microsoft certification exams.

Exam 70-567 is intended for candidates who hold an MCPD web Developer 2.0 certification and wish to upgrade to MCPD ASP.NET Developer 3.5. This course will address topics such as Configuring and Deploying Web Applications, Consuming and Creating Server Controls, Working with Data and Services, Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Applications, Working with ASP.NET AJAX and Client-Side Scripting, Targeting Mobile Devices, Programming Web Applications, Designing and Implementing Controls, Designing the Presentation and Layout of an Application, Accessing Data and Services, Establishing ASP.NET Solution Structure, Leveraging and Extending ASP.NET Architecture, and Applying Security Principles in Application Design.


  • 3 DVD-ROMs with instructor demonstrations, video lectures, and audio
  • Printable study materials
  • Exclusive LearningZone Live Mentor Click for Details. ($295 Value) Assistance when it's needed ! Chat online with experts 24/7
  • Microsoft Authorized MeasureUp Exam Simulations
  • We teach creative solutions to common problems
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Peter Thorsteinson

Peter Thorsteinson Peter has worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for more than 10 years, and he has more than 20 years of software development and programming experience. He is experienced with numerous programming languages, such as Visual Basic .NET, C#, Java, and C++. Peter also specializes in ASP .NET, AJAX, ADO .NET, Silverlight, WPF technologies, and Sharepoint. He has written and co-written numerous books about .NET programming. Peter is MCPD, MCSD, MCTS, MCT, and MCP certified.


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Course Introduction

Course Introduction
Chapter 01 - ASP.NET Overview
ASP.NET Overview
ASP.NET Architecture
Page Compile
IIS Architecture
IIS Authentication
IIS Handler Mappings
ASP.NET Projects and Templates
Demo - ASP.NET Projects and Templates
ASP.NET Folders and Files
Code Locations
Demo - Code Locations
Page and User Control Directives
Demo - ASP.NET Page
Page Life Cycle
Page and Control Life Cycle Events
Postback Mechanism
View State and Control State
Page.IsPostback Property
Demo - Page Life Cycle and Page Postbacks
Server Controls
HTML Controls
Standard Controls
Data Controls
Demo - Server Controls
Intrinsic Objects
Demo - Intrinsic Objects
Remote Methods
Demo - Calling Remote Methods
Generic Handlers
Demo - Generic Handlers
ASP.NET Providers
Page Redirection
Demo - Page Redirection
Asynchronous Pages
Asynchronous Pages - Code Example
Demo - Asynchronous Pages
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 - Page Validation
Page Validation
Page Validation Concepts
Page.IsValid Property
ValidationSummary Concepts
ValidationSummary Code
ValidationGroup Property
Demo - Validation Controls
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 - Look and Feel
Look and Feel
Master Pages and Content Pages
Demo - Master Pages and Content Pages
Nested Master Pages
Demo - Nested Master Pages
Accessing Master Page Content
Demo - Accessing Master Page Content
Strongly Typed Master Pages
Demo - Strongly Typed Master Pages
Dynamic Master Pages
Demo - Dynamic Master Pages
Themes, Skins, CSS, Resources
Demo - Themes, Skins, CSS, Resources
Accessing Form Elements
Demo - Accessing Form Elements
Accessing Page Headers
Demo - Accessing Page Headers
Accessing Browser Info
Demo - Accessing Browser Info
Dynamically Loading User Controls
Demo - Dynamically Loading User Controls
Profile Properties
Demo - Profile Properties
Web Parts
Demo - Web Parts
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 - Site Navigation
Site Navigation
Navigation Architecture
Demo - Navigation Architecture
Demo - TreeView and Menu
Demo - SiteMapPath
Linking Site Map Files - Code Part 1
Linking Site Map Files - Code Part 2
Linking Site Map Files - Code Part 3
Demo - Linking Site Map Files
Selecting Site Map Files
Demo - Selecting Site Map Files
Security Trimming
Demo - Security Trimming
Site Map Localization
Localization Example
Demo - Site Map Localization
Custom Site Map Provider Concepts
Custom Site Map Provider - Code Part 1
Custom Site Map Provider - Code Part 2
Demo - Custom Site Map Provider
Site Map Manipulation
Demo - Site Map Manipulation
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 - Data Binding
Data Binding
Data Binding Syntax
Data Binding Syntax - Code Part 1
Data Bound Controls
Data Binding Syntax - Code Part 2
Data Binding Syntax - Code Part 3
Eval and Bind
Data Binding Syntax - Code Part 4
XML Data
Data Binding Syntax - Code Part 5
Demo - Data Binding Syntax
Data Sources
Demo - Data Sources
Data Bound Controls Cont.
Demo - Data Bound Controls
Sorting and Paging
Demo - Sorting and Paging
Chapter 05 Review
Chapter 06 - ADO.NET and XML Data
ADO.NET and XML Data
ADO.NET Architecture
Object Model
Two Alternatives
SqlConnection Object
SqlCommand Object
Connected Data Access
Connected Data Access - Code Example
Connected Data Access - IE Example
Demo - Connected Data Access
Disconnected Data Access
Fill Method
Disconnected Data Access - Code Example
Disconnected Data Access - IE Example
Demo - Disconnected Data Access
Data Server Controls
List Control DataSet Binding
Demo - List Control DataSet Binding
GridView and SqlDataSource
GridView and SqlDataSource - IE Example
Demo - GridView and SqlDataSource
Table Relationships
Table Relationship Creation
Table Relationship Navigation
Table Relationships - IE Example
Demo - Table Relationships
Demo - LINQ
DataSet Objects and XML
Demo - DataSet Objects and XML
XML Web Server Control
Demo - XML Web Server Control
Chapter 06 Review
Chapter 07 - Tracing and Debugging
Tracing and Debugging
Custom Error Pages
Demo - Custom Error Pages
Exception Handling
Demo - Exception Handling
Demo - Debugging
Trace Attribute vs. Trace Element
Tracing in Components
Demo - Tracing
Event Logging
Demo - Event Logging
Remote Debugging
Demo - Remote Debugging
Client-Side Debugging
Demo - Client-Side Debugging
Performance Counters
Demo - Performance Counters
Debugging Deployment Issues
Chapter 07 Review
Chapter 08 - Managing State
Managing State
State Concepts
Application State
Demo - Application State
Session State
Storage Options
Demo - Session State
View State vs. Control State
View State
Demo - View State and Control State
Demo - Cookies
Query Strings
Demo - Query Strings
Cookieless Sessions
Demo - Cookieless Sessions
Output Caching
Demo - Output Caching
Data Caching
Data Caching - Code Example
Demo - Data Caching
Chapter 08 Review
Chapter 09 - Configuration and Deployment
Configuration and Deployment
Configuration Files
Demo - Configuration Files
Configuring Sections
Retrieving Data from Web.config
Demo - Retrieving Data from Web.config
Encrypted Configuration Sections
Demo - Encrypted Configuration Sections
Web Application Deployment
Demo - Web Application Deployment
Custom Configuration Sections
Demo - Custom Configuration Sections
Chapter 09 Review
Chapter 10 - Globalization and Accessibility
Globalization and Accessibility
Resource Files
Globalizing and Localizing Applications
Localizing Applications
Demo - Globalizing and Localizing Applications
Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 11 - Custom Controls
Custom Controls
Types of Custom Controls
User Controls
Creating a User Control
Adding User Control to Web Form
Demo - User Controls
Derived Controls
Demo - Derived Controls
Full Custom Controls
Demo - Full Custom Controls
Templated Controls
Demo - Templated Controls
Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 12 - Security
Authentication vs. Authorization
ASP.NET Authentication Methods
Advantages and Disadvantages
IIS Authentication Methods
Windows-Based Authentication
Windows-Based Authentication Steps
Demo - Windows-Based Authentication
Accessing Authenticated User Info
Demo - Accessing Authenticated User Info
Forms-Based Authentication
Forms-Based Authentication Steps
Demo - Forms-Based Authentication
Configuring Security and Membership
Demo - Configuring Security and Membership
Secure Sockets Layer
Chapter 12 Review
Chapter 13 - ASP.NET AJAX
AJAX Characteristics
AJAX Features
ASP.NET AJAX Architecture
ASP.NET AJAX Client and Server
Creating an ASP.NET AJAX Application
ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls
Partial Page Updates
Demo - Partial Page Updates
ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Steps
Demo - ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
JavaScript Programming
JavaScript Debugging
Demo - JavaScript Programming and Debugging
Creating/Registering Client Scripts
AJAX Calling Remote Methods
Demo - AJAX Calling Remote Methods
Chapter 13 Review
Chapter 14 - Mobile Devices
Mobile Devices
Device Capabilities Variations
Device Adapters
Mobile Web Pages and Controls
Mobile Device Emulators
Demo - Mobile Web Pages and Controls
Mobile Device Detection/Redirection
Demo - Mobile Device Detection/Redirection
Device Capabilities Detection
Demo - Device Capabilities Detection
Device-Specific Rendering
Devices Code Example
Filters Code Example
Demo - Device-Specific Rendering
Custom Mobile Web Controls
Demo - Custom Mobile Controls
Chapter 14 Review
Course Closure

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