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Microsoft Publisher 2003 Training

Microsoft Publisher 2003 Training
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Complete our classroom training taught by expert instructors and you will never get behind or miss a single session. You determine when and where to complete training. We worked together with leading web and graphic design instructors to create an exceptional training program developed to prepare you for a career in this exciting industry.

Regardless of whether you are unfamiliar with Publisher, upgrading to a new edition, or completing your MOS certification, the course instructor leads students through a step-by-step process to better understand Publisher 2003.


  • 1 DVD with instructor demonstrations, video lectures, and audio
  • Interactive labs
  • Exclusive LearningZone Live Mentor Click for Details. ($695 Value)
    Receive assistance whenever it's needed! Exclusive LearningZone - Chat online with expert instructors 24/7
  • We teach practical solutions to everyday problems
  • 1 Year Upgrade Free of Charge 


Chris Payne- Chris Payne has taught all types of classes during his career as a professional trainer. In addition to teaching classes, he has developed web-centered training content. During previous employment, Chris used Microsoft FrontPage, Publisher, and Office 2003 to create a website for a large corporation.



  • Main Menu
    The organized and effective structure enables users to browse through hours of comprehensive content rapidly and with ease.
  • PowerPoint
    PowerPoint presentations improve instruction by displaying all types of information for users. They can better comprehend material by viewing graphs, definitions, charts, etc.
  • Controls
    Move ahead, review, or repeat previous topics and sections. A progress bar monitors progress as you complete exercises.                          
  • Full Motion Video
    Every course offers full-motion videos of classroom instruction. It's as if you're sitting in a classroom. Our one of a kind delivery mimics a one-on-one classroom setting for more personalized educational experiences.
  • Review Exercises
    Every section contains a review quiz to assist and enhance learning by testing whether students comprehend course concepts before moving forward.
  • Resume
    Every course resumes where you finished during the previous session in case you forget where you stopped.
  • Live Demonstrations
    Instructors provide live and "hands on" demonstrations to explain and show users how to complete tasks. This enables users to witness professionals perform everyday tasks in real world settings as often as they like.
  • Labs
    This course offers interactive labs, making it possible for students to obtain hands-on learning. This setting enables you to use the software without buying it or installing it on a computer.


Course Training

1.1 Getting Started
Lab - Cerate a New Publication
1.2 Working with Text Boxes
Lab - Use Text Boxes
Lab - Use Text Boxes
1.3 Inserting and Formatting Objects
Lab - Insert Objects
1.4 Text Formatting Tools 1
Lab - Layout Guides and Drop Caps
1.5 Text Formatting Tools 2
Lab - Use Text Wrapping
1.6 Page Layout Tools
Lab - Change the Background
Lab - Format the Master Page
1.7 Layout Guides
Lab - Use Grid Guides and Tables
1.8 Advanced Text Box Features
Lab - Use Advanced Text Features
1.9 Printing form Publisher
Lab - Print from Publisher
1.10 Other Output Options
1.11 Summary

Product Code: MS-MO-03-PU